Build your running fitness.

How it works

Bring clarity and calm to your training by following these 4 easy steps.

1. Plan a workout

Create structured workouts including warm-ups, intervals, repeats, and cool-downs.

2. Fit it into your schedule

Easily enter and view all your sessions, both running and cross-training, so you can see how they fit together at a glance.

3. Capture how it went

Enter your workout stats manually, or automatically import them from Strava. Add your perceived effort and feel to help track how your body is responding.

4. Zoom out and see your journey

Improvement often comes from staying consistent and gradually building your fitness one week at a time. A high level overview helps you keep a long-term perspective admidst the day-to-day ups and downs.

Everything you need to succeed!

  • Recommended training paces
  • Custom training paces
  • Relative race performance
  • Chart long-term trends
  • Compatible with Strava
  • Works on all your devices